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Amphibians and Brimstone...
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Here is where I keep the sound clips, midi files, and downloads or what have you.
There isn't many here yet, but like I mentioned before, this is a **WORK IN PROGRESS**
Enjoy ;)

Toad: Uhh! That door's gotta be made outta adamantium or somethin'!

Toad: No. It wasn't over. I could have still won. It should've been me! me-e-e-e-e!

Toad: Hear that metal straining? We're breaking up, I know it!

Toad: Now Let's make like a toad and hop to it.

Toad: The only thing I *desire* is blue boy's fuzzy head.

Kurt: Uh...yeah, right. Like picture this: bumpety-bumpety- bumpety-bumpety--splat! Too high up and way too fast.

Kurt: As you say in America, "Neener, neener, neener..."

~Theme Music~

X-Men Evolution Theme Song

X-men The Original Theme Song