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Amphibians and Brimstone...
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Kurt's History
Kurt Wagner, alias Nightcrawler. Son of Mystique; father unknown. [Note: Father in comics was Count Eric Wagner, who died under mysterious circumstances; this has not yet been revealed on the show.] Mutated during infancy, presumably even more than he was at birth, by Magneto. Upon discovering her son's condition, Mystique fled into the woods with Kurt. She was chased by wolves, as well as Magneto, and cornered on a bridge. The baby Kurt fell from her hands into a river, whereupon he floated for a while until a farmer fished him out of the water.

The farmer and his wife treated Kurt like their own son. He lived with them throughout his childhood, never knowing who his real parents were. He performed with a circus for most of his childhood, until his powers began to become more prominent, at which point he travelled to the Xavier Institute.

Kurt's abilities include teleportation, exceptional agility and acrobatic prowess, and a prehensile tail. He is the least normal-looking of all the X-Men, with a pointed tail, pointed ears (some would say elf-like... or Vulcan-like, depending on how you look at it), three-fingered hands, two-toed feet, and fine blue fur.

Despite his appearance, Kurt is the definitive Mr. Nice Guy - kind, sensitive, jocular, and enthusiastic about almost everything. But underneath this, he's a very vulnerable person, always conscious of his appearance. Though a holographic inducer allows him to blend in with normal teenagers, he's always aware that it could break down at any time. As if that weren't bad enough, the inducer does nothing to hide his physical characteristics, so he always has to take care not to touch anyone, lest they feel his fur or three-fingered hands.


Name: Todd Tolensky

Age: 14-15
Grade: 9th
Nifty Mutant Power: He can... kick and jump with his powerful froggy legs! And he... has a "killah" tongue which can often prove be a detriment in battle (seriously! Everytime he uses his tongue, the X-Men turn it against him and make him collide into the sides of vans and stuff like a poingy superball!). Oh, and he has... slime... apparently; he just never uses it. O.o;
First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 1 - "Strategy X"
Fave Quote: "Yo."

Random Crap: Toddles was the first mutie to join the Brotherhood. Unlike the others, he's a native Bayvillian, which COULD mean that he's not an orphan like the others presumably are, but... then again, in the comics, he's the only one that's OFFICIALLY an orphan (I think), so I don't think they'd change that... Anywho, our boy Todd had a great career picking pockets-- that is, until Duncan Matthews and his Amazing Football Pals! were like "Dude! It's Tolensky! Dude! Huhuh! Let's hit him! Dude!" and promptly began to beat the crap out of the little amphibian. Of course, our pal Scott Summers, being the good boy that he is, decided to step in to help save Todd (or just use that as an excuse to search around for that nickel he dropped...) from the eeevil Stereotypicus! Er, I mean... Duncan... Yes.

And so, this began a lovely friendship between Scott and Todd-- well, not really. It was more like "Hey, join the X-Men and check out our cool mansion!" And then "Okay! But I'm already part of the Brotherhood, but... okay!" And then... poor little Todd was attacked upon entering the premises. Apparently, Professor X wanted to "test" Todd to make sure he was X-Man material... which is strange, because he doesn't do that to any of the other potential recruits. Oh well! In short, Todd gets freaked out by the Danger Room (and, gee, being ATTACKED when he was invited to hang out!) and is like "Forget this, yo!" and runs back to the Brotherhood.

He's kind of the underdog of the group. Kinda wimpy and weak... no extremely cool powers... so why do people like him? Because, while he may not be beautiful on the outside, it's the inside that counts. :P Plus, he's just cool.


Thanks for the info from "A Demon's Eyes" and "Brotherly Love v. Witchy Woman"